ZOAY Professional Makeup Brush is a brand based in Hong Kong. Two years ago we are lucky enough to spread out location to Malaysia.

ZOAY Professional Make Up Brush

There’s no specific reason why our team will expand to Malaysia. Just that we think it’s a good timing to bring ZOAY come here. As a new comer to Malaysia, we found out that girls here have the same practice to Hong Kong girls. They do make up using bare hands.

Not because girls prefer using hand to do make up, the more accurate reason is – there’s no choices at all.

Make up brushes are expensive.

Make up brushes are expensive.

Ya. They are. That’s why we created ZOAY in 2012. We hope we would create a series of brushes that are with high quality and affordable price. It’s not easy. But we aimed doing it.

We give up entering huge mall, we locate in sub-outlets in Hong Kong. That save a lot budget so that we can shift the budget to do research and development in our brushes.

Finally our products ranged from Foundation brush, Powder brush, Eye shadow brush, Blush brush, lip brush, eyebrow brush. This set of brushes at least, at least can fit a daily make up. Later on we investigated the sculpting brushes, as we understood that how Korean make up style is influencing the world :P.

And of course there’s no point to leave ZOAY Deluxe alone. What we can say is Deluxe is technically the best series among all. We have advanced skills and technology, and this is the first adoption of the compression technology from South Korea in ZOAY. This is ADVANCED, this is BRAND-NEW, this is worth trying!

I hope you get to know more about ZOAY in our website. Just feel free to share your thoughts or comments on our Facebook or instagram.