S02 Intensive Foundation Brush - ZOAY Professional Make Up Brush

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S02 Intensive Foundation Brush

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The newly launched Intensive Foundation Brush from the ZOAY DULUXE series has an extra 30% of bristles density with the adoption of the compression technology from South Korea. Together with the reservation of the thin ferrule made with aluminum, the stress point of bristles during application will be concentrated in which provides similar force as those from your fingertip. Its highlighted of the revolutionary design lies on the natural cosmetic effect that your fingertip may not be able to achieve. The effective distribution of cream products such as foundation and BB cream could delightfully attain the even and long-lasting glow for your bare skin.

Suggested Usage:
Put an adequate amount of liquid foundation into your palm. Spread it over your face with the brush after dipping the product. It is also applicable to touch your cheeks, tip of your nose, forehead, and chin with the product. Blend it until even in furtherance of pursuing a natural makeup.

The brush should be cleaned with cosmetic cleanser and placed in dry environment for natural evaporation for the sake of the maintenance of bristles quality and shape.